House Knox is a United Way of Greater Knoxville program that aims to help those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless find stable, affordable housing. 

The House Knox Program will be operated by two Housing Navigators, individuals with experience and knowledge concerning the housing industry and its operations. These Housing Navigators will work with property managers and landlords to increase the availability of affordable housing units, and assist clients in navigating available housing options.

Our Story

After conducting our 2018 United Way of Greater Knoxville Needs Assessment, we saw that homelessness and lack of affordable housing was one of the biggest issues facing Knoxville. Our Investment Committee volunteers worked with local organizations and housing experts to come up with an innovative approach to solving the housing crisis in our community. The result was our House Knox Housing Navigator Program: an initiative specifically designed to help connect vulnerable individuals with safe, affordable housing.

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Our Partners

Though House Knox has a home with United Way of Greater Knoxville, we did not do this work alone. Leslie Dancu, Amber Young, and Melanie Morris led our Investment Restructure Committee volunteers in creating this House Knox and working with leaders in our community. Many of our community partners helped us research, brainstorm, and bring this program to life.