United Way of Greater Knoxville, along with the City of Knoxville and Knox County governments, is launching a Community Healing Fund to provide resources to Black-led organizations in response to recent gun violence and tragic events. Funds will be direction to support Black-led nonprofit organizations doing violence interruption programming and youth and family enrichment and development work.

Key community leaders will be the decision makers in this grant making process. They named the fund, determined how to administer the money, and will decide where to most effectively invest. 100% of donations will go to support the agencies and organizations selected to receive funding by the committee.


During the first round of funding, the Community Healing Fund Committee received 33 applications totaling $1.9 million in requested funding. The Committee reviewed applications and granted $277,000 to 11 local organizations. Find first round grantees here.


Stan Johnson

Executive Director and Founder, SEEED

Kathy Mack

Community Engagement Manager, City of Knoxville

J.D. Jackson

Chief Operating Officer, SEEED

“By investing in this fund, donors will be able to see the growth in the community through the empowerment of local Black nonprofits through capacity building and resource allocation. Resources will be directly distributed back in the community to create a brighter and more equitable future.” Stan Johnson.

United Way of Greater Knoxville’ priorities are simple: to protect and uplift organizations serving marginalized communities and giving them the resources to succeed and change lives for years to come.


The Community Healing Fund Committee is currently developing the grant process for the 2022 round of funding. 

United Way of Greater Knoxville has committed to $500,000 in funds in 2022 and $500,000 in 2023 for a total $1 million injected into Black-led organizations in Knoxville.