United Way of Greater Knoxville Staff Directory

Marie Alcorn Vice President/Community Engagement & Mobilization (CEM) 865-521-5565
Alice Borden Director/Operations Controller 865-521-5577
Debbie Black Manager /Labor Participation 865-521-5563
Becky Dockery Manager/Workforce Giving 865-521-5561
Judy Fenton Director/United Way of Loudon County Regional Director/Jefferson, Grainger and Union Counties 865-582-4082
Caleb Fristoe Associate,/Community Engagement & Mobilization (CEM) 865-521-5586
Dana Green Administrative Assistant 865-521-5570
Daulette Green Administrative Assistant 865-523-9131
Leslie Grindstaff Manager/Outcome Based Investments (OBI) 865-521-5571
Susan Hager Manager/Federated & Regional Campaigns 865-582-4084
Cheryl Hair Sr. Vice President/Operations 865-521-5568
Robyn Halbert

Dena Honea

Administrative Assistant

Associate/Branding & Messaging





Ben Landers President & CEO 865-521-5572
Jennifer McCarty Vice President/Branding &Messaging (BAM) 865-521-5580
Michelle Sauls Manager/Operations 865-521-5566
Robert Sherrod Senior Director of Workforce Giving / Administration 865-521-5578
Dana Smith Administrative Assistant/Operations 865-521-5574
Lauren Stewart Vice President/Resource Development 865-521-5576
Stephanie Ward Manager/Operations 865-521-5567