Staff Directory

Name Direct #

Marie Alcorn:

(865) 521-5565

Debbie Black:

(865) 521-5563

Tyler Boldin:

(865) 521-5570

Alice Borden:

(865) 521-5577

Karen Byrd:

(865) 582-4083

Brewton Couch:

(865) 521-6104

Leslie Dancu:

(865) 521-5571

Judy Fenton:

(865) 582-4082

Stephanie Glover:

(865) 521-5567

Dana Green:

(865) 521-5570

Susan Hager:

(865) 582-4084

Cheryl Hair:

(865) 521-5568

Ben Landers:

(865) 521-5572

Ann Pierce:

(865) 521-5579

Emily Reichard:

(865) 521-5573

Ruthie Sharpe:

(865) 521-5564

Michelle Sauls:

(865) 521-5566

Robert Sherrod:

(865) 521-5578

Dana Smith:

(865) 521-5574

Lauren Stewart:

(865) 521-5576

Mary Stump:

(865) 521-5561


United Way of Greater Knoxville

Diversity and Inclusion: A Statement of Principle

United Way of Greater Knoxville will continually strive to be a model of diversity and inclusion. The United Way of Greater Knoxville Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers must reflect all of the many faces, and walks of life, which proudly make up our community. Together we genuinely demonstrate the principles of diversity and inclusion which enrich all communities.

To value diversity is to respect and appreciate race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state or federal laws and behavioral styles and the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation and experiences. To be inclusive is to leverage diversity by bringing together unique individual backgrounds to collectively and more effectively address the issues facing our community.

It is our aim, therefore, that United Way of Greater Knoxville’s partners, strategies, and investments reflect these core values. Diversity is a critical component to achieving success in an ever-changing environment. Everyday we experience the dramatic changes occurring in our region: changing demographics and changing needs. Our ability to employ effective inclusion practices and to make them an integral part of our business will enable United Way to fulfill its mission of helping people achieve their potential for self-sufficiency.

Approved by: United Way of Greater Knoxville on March 23, 2017