Donor Choice Reporting System

United Way of Greater Knoxville and its affiliated United Ways have provided your agency or United Way with the ability to obtain your Donor Choice information online. No waiting for reports in the mail, you can at any point check the amount due to your organization for the current campaign (Acknowledgement to Agencies Report).

When your organization has received a payment you may use this system to check the payment amount (Payee Remittance Report), download reports that project the amount you will ultimately receive for that campaign year’s pledges (Donor Choice Standard M Agency Projection Report), and you may access the list of companies that employ the donors that make up the payment you have received (Payee By Organization Report).

United Ways receiving pledges from companies through United Way of Greater Knoxville will be able to verify funds raised in your area (Donor Choice Standard M Passthru Pledge Summary Report) and see projections on amounts to be received from those pledges (Donor Choice Standard M Passthru Projection Report).

United Way of Greater Knoxville and its affiliates invite you to click into the Donor Choice Reporting System where you will have the ability to submit the reports named above and print the finished reports.

Before logging on you must have an individually assigned User Name and Password. 
Click here to download the Donor Choice System Enrollment Form. To obtain a password please mail, fax or send via email the Donor Choice System Enrollment Form to Accounts Payable Staff.

Please read the Donor Choice Reporting System instructions before entering the system. The instructions will explain what information you can see on each report and how to run them. If there are any questions, please contact Accounts Payable Staff.