Leadership Giving

United Way Leaders

United Way Leaders is a recognition program for individuals and households who make personal gifts of $1,200 or more to United Way.

Donors may contribute through payroll deduction as well as direct payments of cash or stock, and households have the options of combining their related gifts through respective employers to meet one of four giving levels. When a donor makes a minimum gift of $1,200 per year (or $100 per month), he or she becomes a member of this recognition program, and his or her name appears in the annual Leaders Register at the appropriate giving level.

Traditional Leadership Giving levels:

YLS_logoThe Alexis de Tocqueville Society
$10,000 or more

The LeConte Society
$5,000 to $9,999

The Chilhowee Circle
$2,500 to $4,999

The Winners’ Circle
$1,200 to $2,499


United Way Affinity Groups:

United Way Affinity Groups are also a great way to give back, but they are so much more! Our affinity groups provide donors with opportunities for networking with likeminded individuals, professional and personal development, and volunteer engagement.

Women of Tocqueville

$10,000 or more

The Women of Tocqueville Society was founded in the 2011-12 campaign year. Its 49 founding members were women engaged in our community who support the United Way of Greater Knoxville through engagement with the work as well as annual giving at the Alexis de Tocqueville level of $10,000 per year. Since its founding, the Women of Tocqueville Society members have raised nearly $2,000,000 for United Way to invest in making a difference in our community.

Women of Tocqueville Society members are invited to exclusive events throughout the year and are invited to take part in community conversations with the WINGs affinity group members. As always, social events and volunteer projects are optional.

United Way of Greater Knoxville’s Women of Tocqueville Society members have the option of participating in a step-up program. By committing to reach the Alexis de Tocqueville Society giving level of $10,000 over the course of three years, the individual may be recognized as a member in year one.

For instance, if an individual wanted to join the Women of Tocqueville Society, but wanted to gradually increase her gift to the required $10,000 annual gift, she could begin at a lower level of donation, yet she will be recognized as a full member of the Women of Tocqueville Society in year one of participating in the step-up program.

Below is an example of the giving levels for the step-up program:

Year 1 $5,000

Year 2 $7,500

Year 3 $10,000

Please note, these are only suggested giving levels. Dollar amounts may vary as long as there is an increase over the previous year’s gift in both year one and year two.

For more information on the Women of Tocqueville Step-Up program, please contact Ann Pierce at 865-521-5579 or


WINGS (Women Investing in the Next Generation)
$2,500 to $9,999

WINGS is a program for women in our region who annually contribute $2,500 – $9,999. We invite you to become one of our members. Women who already give $2,500 or more automatically qualify as a WINGS member.

When you commit during 2015 to gradually increase your gift to $2,500 over the course of three years, you will immediately become a member of WINGS, and you will be recognized as a member. This commitment will ensure your invitation to exclusive WINGS events including a combined event with the Women of Tocqueville Society members.

We are happy to work with you on customizing the step up program to meet your giving preferences as long as the plan includes an increase each year and a commitment to reach the $2,500 giving level by the third year.

Year 1 of step-up $1,500

Year 2 of step-up $2,000

Year 3 of step-up $2,500

For more information on the Women of Tocqueville Step-Up program, please contact Ann Pierce at 865-521-5579 or



Young Leaders Society Logo CMYK copy Young Leaders’ Society
Ages 21-45

United Way of Greater Knoxville brings together resources to improve the lives of people in our community by helping them achieve their potential for self-sufficiency. Through 101 programs of 51 partner agencies, we focus on the areas of Education, Income, and Health – the building blocks for a
good life.

You can help us fulfill our mission by becoming a member of the Young Leaders’ Society (YLS), which is open to anyone who makes a donation of any amount to United Way of Greater Knoxville and who is between the ages of 21-45. YLS members will be invited to participate in networking events, service projects, and exclusive presentations from some of the area’s top corporate leaders.

Basic Membership $1-$599

The Knox Society*
$50/month = $600 annual pledge
$100/month = $1,200 annual pledge**

The Tyson Society*
$150/month = $1,800 annual pledge**
$200/month = $2,400 annual pledge**

For more information on the Young Leaders’ Society or to sign up, please contact Tyler Boldin at 865-521-5570 or

*Members of The Knox Society and The Tyson Society will have the option of listing their names and companies in the Young Leaders’ Society section of the United Way Leaders book.

**Donors giving $1,200 or more, will have the option of listing their names and companies in the traditional leadership giving section of the United Way Leaders book in addition to the listing in the Young Leaders’ Society.