There is nothing more important to United Way of Greater Knoxville (UWGK) than the trust and confidence of our donors.

Accountability for United Way and our community partners is maintained with regular finance and program reports, audits and on-site visits.

We adhere to stringent, standardized operating and accounting procedures, meticulously comply with generally accepted accounting standards and practices, and strive for increased clarity in reporting of our operations. Our consistent standard demonstrates the ability of UWGK to remain the trusted partner of those who work to make our community a better place to live for everyone.

United Way is the leading charitable institution in Knoxville representing the wishes of our donors through our program review and funding process. Volunteers work year-round to carefully weigh the needs of the community to ensure that generous contributions are used in the most efficient, effective manner possible by local community partners.

The Treasurer of the Board reports the financial status of UWGK at all Executive Committee and Board of Director Meetings. The finance committee of UWGK meets regularly to discuss UWGK’s finances and with an audit firm.

All local United Ways across the country are held to high standards as a requirement for membership in the United Way Worldwide system.

Specifically, the enhanced standards require that:

  • All members agree to participate in, and submit to United Way Worldwide, a community-driven self-assessment of their community impact work, financial management, decision-making and organizational governance. These assessments will be reviewed by a group that includes United Way volunteer and professional leaders and outside experts in areas such as financial management, governance and ethics.
  • All local United Ways agree to report full revenue and expense data to United Way Worldwide for third-party review.
  • The 170 largest United Ways will also submit their annual reports, IRS 990 forms, financial audits and codes of ethics to United Way Worldwide for third-party review.

We are confident that extensive safeguards currently exist to ensure the safety of the generous contributions made by the people of this community to United Way of Greater Knoxville. We know that trust can never be assumed – it is earned.


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Click to view the current audit, Form 990 and Code of Ethics

Knox Audit 2016-03-31 Knox IRS Form 990 2016-03-31 Code-of-Ethics